Exception Processing Message 0xc0000135

"Exception Processing Message 0xc0000135" errors are caused by a lack of Visual C++ files on your system. Visual C++ is a "library" package, distributed by Microsoft to help standardize the development process of a large number of different f… Lire la suite

Parkinson's Disease - Ten Tips For Patients

Parkinson's disease is a condition for which available treatments are both wonderful and inadequate. They're wonderful because they improve the ability of patients to function and maintain independence. They're inadequate because they don't stop th… Lire la suite

The 5-Minute Guide to Picking a Training Program

In order to pick the best training program for you, several factors need to be considered. Is the program specific to your goals? Does it take into consideration your body's individual differences? Warning: Don't buy a weightlifting program until you'v… Lire la suite

You Can Brush Your Teeth With Milkshakes

I've got to get this off my chest before I explode! Just a few hours ago, a kid posted a simple question about gaining weight to a bodybuilding forum and received some typically bad advice on the topic commonly referred to as bulking. Here's what one p… Lire la suite

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